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    Lighting up the Green Curtain of Tall Crops

    信息来源:  发布时间2022-01-25

    The PV project is tucked into the middle of a large farm filled with sugar cane. When the sun is shining, the sugar cane forest looks like a large green curtain, and the sun is framed by photovoltaic panels, just like seeds take rooted in the earth and continue to grow.

    Designers and management staff communicate construction details on site.

    Staff from the project department carrying out the installation work of photovoltaic panels (PV panels).

    Staff from the project department check relevant electrical equipment carefully before the PV construction project is put into operation.

    Xuwen County - Located in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, this is a traditional productive area for agriculture, livestock, and fishery. Connected by land and sea with abundant sunshine, Xuwen is famous for the cultivation of Xuwen pineapples, sugar cane, bananas and sisal.
    Relying on an abundant resource of sunlight and wind power, Xuwen engineers have built wind turbines and PV panels over the past few years, creating a new green economy throughout the local community. In addition, the new model of complementary agriculture and photovoltaic technology on the peninsula also allows for the combination of new energy generation and modern agricultural cultivation.
    Senior managers from the Guangdong Power Grid Energy Development Co., Ltd. participate in market competition at Yongshi Farm in Xuwen County, Zhanjiang and for the first time, the Company won the bid and was entitled to construct the general contracting project of agricultural PV comprehensive development of Guangdong Yudean Huahai Company, a large-scale photovoltaic power generation project which serves as the first centralized PV general project built by the Company, marking a significant step forward in the diversification of the company’s production and operation business.
    The PV project at Yongshi Farm spans an area of more than 500 mu (equal to 82.4 acres), with a total installed capacity of 40 MW. According to the local annual average sunshine hours, the grid power can reach 45 million kWh after full production of PV.
    Since the project construction began in August 2021, Guangdong Power Grid Energy Development Co., Ltd. has strengthened the management and control of construction safety, quality and progress in Xuwen. During its construction zenith, the Company hired more than 300 staff to carry out the intense construction of 10,800 tubular piles, 1,380 groups of brackets, and 76,500 PV modules.
    What’s more, construction and debugging on electrical connection, high-low voltage cable laying, installation and commissioning of box-type transformers were also included. Recently, the project was put into operation and connected to the grid, contributing to the development of local green power and to the realization of vital carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

    Adjacent to the PV construction project is a sugarcane forest and villagers nearby are friendly with the project staff and invite them to eat sugar cane.

    Numerous cable trenches are dug on the site with some connected by a single log bridge.

    Insertion operation and on-site safety monitoring ensure the smooth construction progress.


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