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    A Hard Winter Battle Against Snow in Zhaotong, Yunnan
    Zhaotong Invests RMB 260 Million in Transmission Lines for Ice Prevention & Melting

    信息来源:公司网站  发布时间2021-12-02


    On November 23, Zhaotong Power Supply Bureau of CSG Yunnan Power Grid carried out anti-icing reinforcement on the 500 kV Mingganyi Line. Operators are assembling a new tower at a heavy ice area.

    The one-key ice melting command system of the Zhaotong Power Supply Bureau. This system realizes a one-key procedural ice melting within 10 minutes, which previously took nearly four hours.


    On November 24, employees of Zhaotong Power Supply Bureau conducted a special inspection of transmission lines.

    On November 22, Zhaotong Power Supply Bureau engineers carried out anti-icing reinforcement on power lines and replaced aged equipment with new ones.
    Zhaotong - At the end of November, places like Zhaoyang, Ludian and Yongshan in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province witnessed strong snow and ice for the first-time during Year 2021. In Daguan County, the 500kV Mingganyi Line is undergoing anti-icing reinforcement.
    After two consecutive days of rain and snow, reporters walked on a muddy mountain road for more than two hours on November 23 and arrived at the construction site for reinforcement of new towers between Tower N72 and Tower N73 of the 500 kV Mingganyi Line.
    More than 20 operators braved the howling wind and snow and erected poles and towers on the muddy foundation.
    Senior managers from China Southern Power Grid invested RMB 260 million this year to strengthen transmission lines in heavy-ice areas in Zhaotong.
    Up to now, 70% of the construction tasks have been completed. The remaining 30% is expected to be finished by December of this year. Upon completion, transmission lines in Zhaotong will feature greatly improved anti-icing capacity which will reduce power outages caused by pole falling & disconnection caused by icing, and the lower risks of power grid operation in winter.
    In addition, engineers from the Zhaotong Power Supply Bureau of CSG Yunnan Power Grid continue to innovate ice prevention and melting technologies … professionals who have installed and put into production eight sets of ice melting devices which can carry out DC ice melting on 73 main grid transmission lines.


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